Festival Scoring

The following are sample rubrics for the 2021 Lenaea High School Theatre Festival:

We are undertaking an alternate scoring process for the 2021 festival, as we acknowledge that the traditional scoring process cannot be used uniformly in a virtual environment. This change is designed to ensure:

  • Awards are equally accessible for all students; and,
  • Awards are unaffected by differing levels of access to technology

Consistent with past practice, respondents use a performance-based assessment rubric to score competitive categories.

  • Performances and presentations are scored using a category-specific rubric and a standardized point scale of 1 to 10 for each of the elements defined on the rubric;
  • If the time limit is exceeded, a penalty is deducted from the total score; and,
  • Scores for each element are added together and any penalty deduction is subtracted to determine a total score.

Respondents’ scores are averaged to arrive at a final score.
For 2021, the final score is used to award recognition according to the following scoring brackets:

CategoryGold LevelSilver LevelBronze Level
Monogogues54 – 6049 – 5344 – 48
Musical Theatre Solo54 – 6049 – 5344 – 48
Costume Design54 – 6049 – 5344 – 48
Set Design54 – 6049 – 5344 – 48
Original Script45 – 5041 – 4437 – 40

This process is currently slated to be used for 2021 only. After the 2021 festival, we will evaluate its effectiveness and gather feedback on whether to consider it for future festivals