Registration for Lenaea 2021 is now closed!

Registration is now closed, but we encourage you to review the items below if you have questions on festival registration or submission tips.

If you need assistance with your current registration or submissions, please contact

  • 2021 Registration Packet
    • Includes dates, category descriptions, scoring criteria, etc. Please carefully review this package, as it contains important changes from prior years.
  • Tips for a Successful Submission
    • We have compiled this document of suggested tips for students to create a successful submission for individual competition categories.  It does also include information on the format of submissions to be prepared for the Virtual festival format, so we ask that you ensure all students have this information.

Bob Smart Spirit of Lenaea Award
Each year, we ask teachers to nominate a student worthy of receiving the Bob Smart Spirit of Lenaea Award. Bob Smart was and will always be thought of as the guiding force behind Lenaea. He was a loving man with a heart of gold who would move mountains to ensure every last performance was seen and that Lenaea stayed strong.

The Spirit of Lenaea Award honors those students who have demonstrated above-and-beyond qualities of leadership and commitment to overcome significant obstacles in planning, rehearsing, and bringing a performance piece to the festival. If you have a student with a particularly interesting story whose hard work and dedication are a credit to your school’s attendance at this year’s festival and to the values that we strive to honor and celebrate, please feel free to nominate that student.



We suggest that a shoulder up or waist up shot will be most effective for individual competition events.

We suggest that a shoulder up or waist up shot will be most effective for individual competition events.

Lenaea has chosen not to establish a requirement for where students should place their focus during their recorded submissions.  Looking directly into the camera is the equivalent of looking directly at the audience, which should be considered when making your choice.  While this choice may generate a more emotional connection with the viewer, some do not prefer to become “the other character” in the performance. Self-taped auditions do not typically have a performer looking directly at the camera.  We leave the choice to students and program directors to do what you feel is appropriate for your submission.

Please contact Ashley Riley at with any changes.

Students may record their submissions with a live accompanist, or a recorded piano (or synthesized piano) only track.  Orchestral tracks or karaoke tracks are not permitted.  If you need assistance arranging for a recorded piano track, please email  We can provide support in this area.

We suggest using a presentation (i.e. Google Slides, Power Point, Keynote, etc.) so that the student controls the order of information.  If that is not possible, you are welcome to upload PDF or other documents.  In that instance, we recommend naming the files with a number at the beginning to set the order they should be viewed by the respondent.

YES!  This year there is no requirement that your script be produced in order to be submitted.  Please review the Registration Packet for additional information.

Videos will be viewed by respondents in their original format, and should be streamed in the original format for the Zoom sessions via screen share.

Program Directors have edit access to their Google Drive folder.  If you’d like your students to upload directly, we recommend you creating a new folder to share with them.  Program directors can then move the submissions into the proper folders.

Yes.  If there are any issues opening or playing a submissions, we will notify you as soon as the issue is identified.


Yes.  Respondents will be viewing and scoring all submissions before the festival begins to ensure there are no issues caused by internet lag that could affect students’ scores.  Each workshop session will begin by viewing the submissions as a group, and then proceed to the live workshop session.

Response Room Guidelines

Yes.  There is a maximum of 100 persons allowed in each response room, including respondents, competing students, and program directors.  Students from the competing school are welcome to attend, and will be given priority if the room reaches maximum capacity.  Students from other schools are also welcome, space permitting.

Yes, space permitting.  Students wanting to do this should RSVP to the events they want to attend, and will be provided the link to the response room.  Only 100 people total are permitted in each room.  If capacity becomes an issue, attendees affiliated with the performing school will be given priority.

Not this year.  We have made this decision due to the complications with streaming licensing, as well as to protect student privacy.  We will make the archive videos available to each school for roughly a week following the festival for viewing.

If you would like other teachers in your school to attend, please include their names and school email addresses in your Login Database.

No.  You must RSVP for all events you wish to attend, including those for your school.

Absolutely.  Lenaea is committed to a fully accessible festival experience for all students.  Please email if you need assistance.

Festival Portal Access & Use

Yes.  We would much prefer issuing logins to all potential attendees vs. having last minute additional requests.

No.  Cameras will only be on for performing students, program directors, and respondents.  Everyone else will have cameras off and be muted by the moderator.  If anyone turns on their camera or unmutes themselves during a session, the moderator will remove them from the room.

No.  All events are designed to have participants join from their individual locations.  We have no position on whether people choose to gather, but encourage everyone to observe all necessary safety precautions.

We plan to have the video archives available for one week following the festival.

General Information

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You can donate using our secure webpage, or mail a check, payable to Lenaea High School Theatre Festival, to the address above.  Thank you for supporting Lenaea!