2018 Festival Schedule

To be announced by early January!


2017 Festival Schedule

As of 2/8/17

School One Acts Musical Theatre Duo Scenes Monologues
Amador Sat, 12:30pm (S2) Sat, 9:45am (Sond) Sat, 2:30pm (AM) Sat, 5:00pm (Aesc)
American Canyon Sat, 12:30pm (S1) None Sun, 9:45am (TS) Sat, 9:45am (Eurip)
Analy None Fri, 5:00pm (Ger) Sun, 11:00am (WS) Sat, 11:00am (Eurip)
Antelope Fri, 7:30pm (S2) None None  None 
Archbishop Riordan None None Sat, 7:15pm (WS) Sun, 11:00am (Soph)
Argonaut Sat, 10:00am (BB) Sat, 1:30pm (Coh) Sat, 3:45pm (WS) Sat, 5:00pm (Aris)
California High Sun, 3:15pm (S1) Sun, 10:15am (Ger) Sat, 2:30pm (TW) Sat, 7:30pm (Soph)
Center None Fri, 3:45pm (Coh) None Fri, 6:45pm (Aesc)
Ceres Sat, 5:00pm (BB) Sat, 9:00pm (Sond) Fri, 6:45pm (TS) Sun, 9:45am (Soph)
Christian Brothers Sat, 7:15pm (S1) None Sun, 8:30am (TS) Sat, 8:30am (Aesc)
Cordova Fri, 12:45pm (S2) None None None
Cosumnes Oaks Fri, 11:15am (S1) Fri, 3:45pm (Sond) Sat, 8:30am (AM) Sat, 1:15pm (Aesc)
Cupertino Sat, 2:00pm (S2) Sat, 9:00pm (Ger) Sun, 9:45am (TW) Fri, 6:45pm (Aris)
Dublin None Sat, 7:45pm (Sond) None  Sun, 8:30am (Eurip)
El Dorado Fri, 6:00pm (S1) Fri, 2:30pm (Coh) Fri, 4:45pm (TW) Fri, 1:00pm (Aris)
Elk Grove None None Sat, 5:00pm (AM) Fri, 1:00pm (Eurip)
Elsie Allen Sun, 11:30am (S1) Fri, 2:30pm (Sond) Sat, 7:15pm (AM) Fri, 6:45pm (Eurip)
Folsom Fri, 12:45pm (S1) Sun, 11:30am (Ger) Sat, 8:30am (TW) Sat, 3:45pm (Aris)
Franklin Sun, 1:45pm (S1) Fri, 1:15pm (Coh) Sat, 3:45pm (AM) Fri, 4:45pm (Soph)
Galt Fri, 11:15am (S2) Fri, 1:15pm (Sond) Sat, 9:45am (WS) Sat, 2:30pm (Aris)
Granite Bay Sat, 8:30am (S1) Sat, 4:00pm (Sond) Fri, 3:30pm (AM) Fri, 11:45am (Aesc)
Hiram Johnson Fri, 7:30pm (S1) None  Fri, 2:15pm (AM) Fri, 1:00pm (Aesc)
Inderkum Fri, 12:45pm (BB) Sat, 1:30pm (Sond) Fri, 4:45pm (AM) Sun, 9:45am (Aesc)
Irvington Sun, 10:00am (S2) Fri, 7:00pm (Coh) Sat, 7:15pm (TS) Sat, 8:30am (Eurip)
Laguna Creek None Sun, 9:00am (Ger) Fri, 6:45pm (AM) Fri, 1:00pm (Soph)
Liberty Ranch Fri, 3:45pm (S2) Fri, 12:00pm (Coh) Sat, 11:00am (TW) Sat, 1:15pm (Soph)
Lincoln None  Sat, 9:00pm (Coh) Sat, 8:30am (WS) Sat, 7:30pm (Eurip)
Lower Lake Sun, 11:30am (BB) Sat, 5:15pm (Sond) Sat, 2:30pm (WS) Sat, 11:00am (Aris)
Madera South Sun, 3:15pm (S2) Fri, 2:30pm (Ger) Sat, 8:30am (TS) Sat, 3:45pm (Eurip)
Maria Carrillo Sat, 3:30pm (S2) None Fri, 6:45pm (WS) Sun, 9:45am (Aris)
Marin School of the Arts Sat, 10:00am (S2) Fri, 3:45pm (Ger) Sat, 2:30pm (TS) Sun, 11:00am (Eurip)
Marysville Charter Sun, 8:30am (BB) Sun, 11:30am (Coh) Fri, 3:30pm (TW) Sat, 3:45pm (Aesc)
Middletown Sat, 2:00pm (BB) None Sat, 11:00am (WS) Fri, 3:30pm (Eurip)
Mira Loma Fri, 11:15am (BB)  None Fri, 1:00pm (AM) Fri, 2:15pm (Soph)
Monterey Trail Sat, 5:00pm (S1) Sat, 9:45am (Coh) Sat, 11:00am (TS) Sat, 2:30pm (Aesc)
Montgomery Sun, 8:30am (S1) None  Sat, 1:15pm (TS) Sun, 11:00am (Aesc)
Natomas Charter Fri, 2:15pm (S1)  Fri, 12:00pm (Ger) Fri, 4:45pm (WS) Fri, 6:45pm (Soph)
Natomas HS None  None Fri, 1:00pm (WS) Fri, 4:45pm (Aris)
Nevada Union None  Fri, 1:15pm (Ger) Fri, 2:15pm (TW) Fri, 3:30pm (Aris)
Oak Ridge None Sat, 2:45pm (Ger) Fri, 2:15pm (TS) Sat, 9:45am (Aesc)
Oakmont None  Sat, 4:00pm (Ger) Sun, 11:00am (AM) Sat, 5:00pm (Soph)
Patterson None Sat, 2:45pm (Coh) Sat, 3:45pm (TW) Sat, 5:00pm (Eurip)
Petaluma Sun, 1:45pm (S2) Sun, 9:00am (Ger) Fri, 4:45pm (TS) Sat, 8:30am (Soph)
Pleasant Grove Sat, 3:30pm (BB) Sat, 8:30am (Coh) Sat, 5:00pm (WS) Sat, 9:45am (Aris)
Ponderosa Fri, 3:45pm (S1) Sat, 2:45pm (Sond) Sat, 11:00am (AM) Fri, 2:15pm (Aris)
Redwood Sat, 8:30am (S2) None None None
Rio Linda Fri, 2:15pm (BB) Sat, 7:45pm (Ger) Sun, 8:30am (TW) Fri, 4:45pm (Aesc)
Rio Valley Charter None Fri, 7:00pm (Sond) None None
River City Fri, 3:45pm (BB) None  Fri, 1:00pm (TW) Sat, 1:15pm (Aris)
Rocklin None  Sun, 10:15am (Sond) Sat, 1:15pm (WS) Sat, 8:30am (Aris)
Rosemont Fri, 7:30pm (BB) None Fri, 3:30pm (TS) Fri, 2:15pm (Aesc)
Roseville Sat, 7:15pm (BB) Sat, 8:30am (Ger) Sat, 9:45am (TW) Sat, 1:15pm (Eurip)
San Marin Sun, 10:00am (BB) Sat, 1:30pm (Ger) Sat, 9:45am (AM) Sat, 2:30pm (Soph)
Santa Rosa Sun, 1:45pm (BB) Sun, 10:15am (Coh) Sat, 3:45pm (TS) Sat, 8:45pm (Soph)
Sheldon Sun, 10:00am (S1) Sat, 11:00am (Ger) Sat, 1:15pm (AM) Sat, 7:30pm (Aesc)
Sonoma Academy Fri, 2:15pm (S2) Fri, 5:00pm (Coh) Sun, 11:00am (TS) Sat, 11:00pm (Soph)
St. Francis Sun, 11:30am (S2) Sat, 11:00am (Coh) Sat, 5:00pm (TS) Sat, 2:30pm (Eurip)
Truckee None  Sun, 9:00am (Coh) Sat, 9:45am (TS) Sun, 11:00am (Aris)
Union Mine Sat, 8:30am (BB) Sat, 11:00am (Sond) Sat, 1:15pm (TW) Sat, 3:45pm (Soph)
Vanden Sat, 12:30pm (BB) None None None
Vista del Lago Sat, 5:00pm (S2) Fri, 12:00pm (Sond) Fri, 3:30pm (WS) Fri, 4:45pm (Eurip)
Whitmore Fri, 6:00pm (S2) Sun, 11:30am (Sond) Sat, 5:00pm (TW) Fri, 3:30pm (Aesc)
Whitney Sun, 8:30am (S2) Sat, 8:30am (Sond) Fri, 6:45pm (TW) Sat, 7:30pm (Aris)
Woodcreek None Sat, 5:15pm (Ger) Sun, 9:45am (WS) Sun, 8:30am (Aesc)
Yosemite Sat, 8:45pm (BB) Sat, 4:00pm (Coh) Sun, 8:30am (AM) Sun, 9:45am (Eurip)


One Acts Musical Theatre Duo Scenes Monologues
S1 = Stage 1 Sond = Sondheim (FL3-173) AM = Arthur Miller (FL2-209) Aesc = Aeschylus (FL4-232)
S2 = Stage 2 Coh = Cohan (Stage 3) WS = William Shakespeare (FL4-233) Aris = Aristophanes (FL2-207)
BB = Blackbox Ger = Gershwin (FL1-20) TW = Tennessee Williams (FL4-121) Eurip = Euripides (FL5-209)
TS = Tom Stoppard (FL4-136) Soph = Sophocles (FL4-137)

Design Schedule

First Round Final Round
Setup Time Saturday, 2:00pm Sunday, 8:00am
Time Saturday, 3:30pm – 4:45pm Sunday, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location PE-203 Drama Lab